An incident of a cop allegedly indulging in moral policing and extortion has come to light in Bengaluru on Tuesday. The incident took place in the limits of Whitefield police station.

Arsha Latif, a young woman had complained about the incident and demanded action against the policeman for the incident that took place on January 29.

Bengaluru:Police take out a flag march in Shivajinagar area ahead of Eid Ul Fitr festival at Shivaji Nagar,in Bengaluru on Monday 2nd May 2022IANS

"Traumatic experience during visit to Bengaluru. During afternoon on Jan 29, my male friend and I visited Kundanahalli lake to sit in the shadow and enjoy the view."

"A cop started clicking our pictures and started harassing us that we did not have the 'permission' to sit there. Ultimately he asked us to pay him of Rs 1000 to let us go."

"Absolutely appalled by such behaviour. Why did we have to put up with this moral policing for literally doing nothing wrong?"

CH Pratap Reddy
CH Pratap Reddy

"Why did this cop think he holds a right to harass two people like this for 'sitting without permission' at a public lake and extract money simply because they aren't of the same gender? Attaching a picture of his number plate and requesting Bangalore city police to take action," the tweet by Arsha stated.

She tagged the post to the Commissioner of Bengaluru, Pratap Reddy. The police department is yet to react to the incident.