Wolverine fans will be excited to know that with Disney's acquisition to Fox, there are chances that they will get to see the televised version of their favorite X-Men superhero. That being said, it would be pretty amazing if, in the Wolverine TV show, the fans get to see some glimpses of Hugh Jackman as Logan.

As of now, the acquisition deal between The Walt Disney Company and 20th Century Fox is almost finished. Soon after that, Marvel will plan to use superhero characters from Fox like X-Men and Fantastic Four. There were rumors that in the upcoming Avengers: Endgame, MCU fans will get to see Deadpool and Wolverine saving the day but since the merger between the two studios is not yet completed, these rumors did not come to frutition.

Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige had stated last month that he has few plans of his own to use the Fox characters but as of now, they haven't received the green signal to use them. That being said, there were rumors that after canceling shows like Daredevil and Iron Fist, Marvel plans to bring other superheroes to TV.

So far there have been rumors that a Loki TV series and a spy thriller show for Winter Solider is reportedly in works. As per a new rumor, fans might get to see a new Wolverine TV series on Disney Plus.

As per a report by We Got This Covered, Marvel is planning to reboot Wolverine for Disney Plus after the said merger gets completed. As per a source, Marvel is even planning to recast the iconic character of Logan, which means that fans won't be seeing Hugh Jackman back in action.


It won't come as a surprise if Hugh Jackman won't return as Logan in the upcoming rumored TV series. After featuring in several X-Men movies, Jackman revealed that Logan movie was apparently the last feature film in which he helmed the role of Wolverine.

It is too early to say if Marvel is actually planning a new TV show solely focused on Wolverine's journey and whether they will recast the part of Logan. As per the source, the Wolverine show won't be connected to the ongoing X-universe and will reportedly be set in a different timeline.