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Actor-turned-aspiring politician Upendra would have realized by now that all that glitters is not gold in politics. In a matter of months, the Sandalwood Star has got a 'Real' setback after he was forced (was there a choice?) to resign from the position of president from his party, Karnataka Prajavantha Janatha Party (KPJP), following a difference of opinion with party secretary Mahesh Gowda.

Upendra and his followers might brush it off as a temporary setback, but the consequence of the latest development is that their political future has taken a major blow as there is little chance of him contesting in the forthcoming assembly elections in Karnataka. The registration of the party and getting the symbol for the party are time-consuming processes.

The only option that Upendra and his followers have, at this stage, is to contest as independent candidates. He might also start preparing the ground for the next Lok Sabha elections, which will be held in 2019.

Future of KPJP
Although it had existed before, people had no clue that there was such a party. Upendra was the face of the KPJP. Whatever the name it has earned is because of Uppi's association. The Real Star's presence has helped it to get some identity.

Mahesh Gowda, who was the secretary of the KPJP, had contested an election earlier but was not successful. His works for the growth of the growth has remained elusive as the Real Star hogged the entire limelight.

With Upendra walking out of the KPJP, the future of KPJP is more or less over unless Mahesh Gowda pulls off a miracle, something that we have seen in the political-thriller movies. The party will disappear into obscurity following Uppi's exit and subsequent negative image that it earned from this development. Indeed, the road virtually ends for the Mahesh Gowda's outfit.

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Major Takeaway for Upendra
Upendra has learned a good lesson from this episode through a hard way which will ensure that he does not trust the people by their face value, words, and intentions. The incident at the early stage of his political career will only make him a better politician (maybe, Prajakarani, which is what he likes to be called).

What Next?
Since the day he expressed his ambitions to enter politics, political observers had this opinion that he might join the BJP. Many felt that he might be the 'B' team of the BJP which might come into the fold of the saffron outfit after some time. Remember how Chiranjeevi merged PRP with Congress? The same way.

People had reasons to speculate given his admiration for Narendra Modi. Further, his links with the ABVP, the student wing of the BJP, during his college days had strong reasons for people to believe that he might join hands with the saffron party.

However, the Real Star has denied the rumors and stated that he will float a new party instead of joining existing one. The Real Star's ideas and principles might not be welcomed by the established parties. Hence, floating his own party remains looks like the 'realistic' option for the Real star.