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The latest disturbing sexual trend of stealthing will now be classified as a sexual assault by lawmakers in Wisconsin, the United States.

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Stealthing refers to the act of removing condom during intercourse without the partner's consent. It also makes one prone to STDs and STIs, and increases the chances of pregnancy.

"If passed, the bill introduced by Democratic Rep. Melissa Sargent, would change the definition of consent under Wisconsin law," a report by The Washington Post stated.

According to the bill, if a partner removes any sexually protective device without seeking the partner's permission, it will be considered non-consensual and coitus without consent is a type of sexual assault.

Rep. Sargent showed her concern about the issue and tweeted stating that the issue is not whether this it's happening or not, what matters is what is being done about it.

A part of the state capital, Madison, comes under her district. She revealed that the people of Madison and the Wisconsin university have come up with their experiences of being victims of stealthing.

Apart from Wisconsin, a new bill has been introduced by California State Rep. Cristina Garcia, which defines stealthing as a consent violating act.

"Stealthing is rape. Penetration without consent is rape," Rep. Garcia was quoted as saying by CBS News.

Author Alexandra Brodsky had published a paper last month in the Columbia Journal of Gender and Law, in which she wrote about the experiences of stealthing victims and how the act was not recognised by the US legal system. The paper had gone viral.

A report by Forbes had even brought to light the ugly truth that some men brag on various online forums about their rights to "spreading the seeds." Some men even posted guidelines to carry out the act and revealed that assaulting their partners with the act of stealthing gives them a rush.