Singer Rihanna arrives at the MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles.Reuters

Rihanna is reportedly still in love with her ex Chris Brown, and it does not mean she is planning to call it quits with her boyfriend Hassan Jameel.

People close to RiRi have claimed she is "really happy" with the Saudi billionaire and is also "crazy in love" with him. According to the industry insider, she is desperately looking forward to starting a family with him.

"She is really happy with Hassan though, and she is crazy in love. She can definitely see herself marrying him and having his babies, he is her soulmate," the source told Celebrity Insider.

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The insider also said the Barbadian singer has "totally moved on" from the time she spent with Breezy and knows that they can never get back together.

"Rihanna knows she cannot ever get back with Chris, and she has totally moved on from that time in her life — but she cannot just close off those feelings she had for him," the source said.

The insider even claimed Jameel is not a fan of Brown as he thinks Brown is a "woman beater" and a "thug".

"Hassan's not a fan of Chris Brown — at all — he thinks he is a thug and a woman beater. Rihanna knows there is a whole other side to Chris though, and she'll always love him, even though they're not in contact anymore," the source added.

However, the Loyal singer also believes the Saudi billionaire is not good enough for his ex-girlfriend, say reports.

"Chris thinks Hassan is not good enough for Rihanna — but then, nobody would be good enough for her in his eyes," an insider told Hollywood Life.

"Chris just can't believe all the engagement rumours, he thinks there's no way Rihanna would marry this dude, which is kinda funny really as he doesn't know Hassan at all. Chris just can't help it though, even after all these years, and all the water that's passed under the bridge, he still loves Rihanna to pieces and he still thinks of her as being his girl. It's totally crazy, but Chris still holds out this belief that one day, somehow, he and Rihanna will get back together and live happily ever after," the source added.