South African paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius, who was convicted of murder last week, was granted bail on Tuesday and will remain under house arrest while being electronically monitored.

Pistorius will now will appeal his murder conviction in the Constitutional Court, the country's highest court, the athlete's lawyer has said. 

The North Gauteng high court on Tuesday granted bail to Pistorius on the condition that he can leave the house only for a few hours between 7 am and noon and can travel only in a 20-kilometer radius. He will also have to pay a bail of 10,000 rand.

The athlete has agreed to be electronically monitored during his house arrest at his uncle's home.

Pistorius was declared guilty of murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, after South Africa's Supreme Court of Appeal set aside the previous ruling of culpable homicide last week. 

The Olympic athlete had been found guilty of a lesser crime of culpable homicide last year and had been sentenced to five years in jail. 

He came out of jail last month and was placed under house arrest. 

The appeal court, however, overturned the earlier judgement and pronounced Oscar Pistorius "guilty of murder, with the accused having criminal intent".