Alan Lazar
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Email marketing is a powerful and vibrant method to connect with millions of people across the globe. It is also a personalised way to reach out to your target customers. Email marketing can be tailored as per client action and demands, so that every communication turns out to be fruitful and relevant.

During a recent chat with Alan Lazar, who made a multi-million-dollar e-commerce marketing empire, said email marketing is a cost-effective solution that helps a business reach its target customers. After defying several odds, Alan, the Los Angeles-born entrepreneur, now is a 7-figure earner specialising in branded e-commerce products. Known in the industry as The Man Behind the Brand, Alan, now works with info products and assists his clients such as Tai Lopez, Ed Myette and among others and make them create billions of dollars.

Alan, who knows all the aspects of creating and promoting one's brand, said, "Email marketing helps you build credibility with your customers by sharing helpful and informative content, a requisite in any business. when you have an audience that are interested in having your updates, you start thinking differently about how to boost your sales."

Born in 1983 and dropped out of college to support his mother and brother, Alan started his career as a telemarketer, ran a call centre in New Delhi, India, before making his foray into internet marketing and traffic arbitrage doing 7-figure months. According to Alan, everyone at some point needs clients like doctors, lawyers or media professionals who need marketing representation.

For him, email marketing is an essential tool that gives one the required metrics to observe how one's email are performing. "The insights are important as they help you market in a better and smarter way. Therefore, you get to understand your audience better and what makes your clients interested in your brand," explained the email marketing giant.

Alan believes that email marketing is especially good for those running their small businesses. Email templates are designed to make one's brand look professional; one can customise this/her content and provide necessary information to customers without whelming them with bunch of irrelevant information, Alan said. He has been the key figure in making and promoting several odd brands with his strong business foresight and acumen including Pig Out Chips and Hundy app.

The marketing expert believes that through email marketing one can share their newsletters and announcements to various social media platforms, instead of just connecting with people through the email list. It helps attracts new clients and promote services.

According to Alan, another important benefit of email marketing is generating leads. The method gives one the chance to draw the attention of the new visitor and nurture the relationship with helpful and informative content, he explained. Alan's innovative ideas, unique way of approaching things and the will to surpass his obstacles made him reach to the top of email marketing industry.