Actress Sri Reddy and Tamil actor Vishal
Actress Sri Reddy and Tamil actor VishalCollage of photos taken from Twitter and Facebook

Actress Sri Reddy made a series of sexual harassment allegations against and Vishal and requested people in the industry not to vote for him in the Nadigar Sangam elections. But the actor has kept mum on her charges.

It should be recalled here that actor Vishal had extended his support to actor Nani when Sri Reddy made serious charges against the latter. He urged her not to take random names, but come up with solid evidence to prove her charges. She had made some nasty comment in reply to him and she had also vowed to reveal some dark secrets about him in future.

Now, when Vishal is contesting elections of Nadigar Sangam, Sri Reddy is busy settling her score with an anti-campaign against him on Facebook. In a series of nasty comments, she alleged that the actor has sexually exploited several girls in his caravan and she challenged him to prove his innocence if he has guts.

Sri Reddy wrote on June 15, "Vishal what is your dic. each nd every girl u used to show,nd u used to praise of ur di.. big it is can I see?? African size nd giant size.. I came to know,with that u cheated many girls I know vishal.. If u hv guts,if u didn't cheat any girl prove that u dn hv a big ducky (sic)."

The actress also called actor Vishal a fraudster. "If u smash my career I am ready,wl u kill me I am ready..still i say u r a cheat nd fraud vishal.. Wt out taking sexual commitment he wl nt work.any lady gives commitment they wl get good career through him.he wl praise on stage," Sri Reddy posted on her Facebook page.

While everyone is raving about Vishal and Karthi's good work in the last term of Nadigar Sangam, Sri Reddy alleged that the duo's team did not support the victims of #MeToo movement. She wrote, "Last elected nadigar sangam didn't help to ME TOO VICTIMS.bhagya raj sir's group has to win this time..we all of our victims get some justice. If u vote to vishal your vote get wasted..give respect to your vote.."

Days after the cancellation of the elections, Vishal and team were successful in getting the ban revoked against Nadigar Sangam Election, which are held St Ebba's School, Radhakrishnan Road, Mylapore between 7.00 AM and 5.00 PM today (June 23). Sri Reddy took to her Facebook page to urge voters and wrote, "All artists what I request is dont vote for vishal's fraud for bhagya raj sir's team.."

While all this is happening, Vishal has not made a single comment on her allegations. He is active on social media and many of his followers asking him to respond to her, but he has kept mum on the issue, which has come as big surprise to many of his fans and colleagues in the south Indian film industry, who apparently started doubting about his misdeeds.

Why is Vishal no responding to Sri Reddy's charges? Well! Firstly, the actor is very busy with election campaign, he might not have got time to look in to her allegations. Secondly, even if he is aware of it, he might have ignored her, thinking that her charges might affect the election results. Thirdly, he might respond to the actress after the election results. However, only time will tell us about his silence.