Sudeep in Bigg Boss Kannada 5
Sudeep in Bigg Boss Kannada 5.PR Handout

Kiccha Sudeep fans have verbally abused Rocking Star Yash on Twitter as they felt the latter had shown disrespect towards their fave actor. Later, Sudeep intervened and urged his fans not to use harsh language against the KGF actor.

Sudeep had sent out a fitness challenge to Yash. The Rocking Star accepted the challenge with a twist. "Hi Sudeep, you have given me a challenge. Thank you. We actors will, more or less, do workouts. So, it is common for us to be doing workouts. I felt like giving a small twist."

"I am making my childhood buddy Chethan aka Chakli, whom I consider can never look fit, do this task," he said.

Sudeep's fans were upset with Yash for not accepting the challenge and instead, making his friend to take it up. Moreover, the Gajakesari star did not use the word "sir" while referring to him and called Sudeep by his name which irked his fans.

As a result, Yash was criticised badly by the fans of Sudeep. Upon realising the behaviour of his fans, Kiccha tweeted, "I request my frnz n fans not to post any harsh tweets towards Yash ,calling me by my name in the video he has posted. Accepting my fitness challenge and posting tat video was outta sheer luv n respect n I can see only that. Hope my request is respected. [sic]"

However, the abuses did not stop there as fans continued to attack Yash. Many have demanded an apology from the Rocking Star.