Comedy utsavam, Fr. Christy David Pathiala, dancing priest
Fr. Christy David Pathiala, whose dancing video went viral on social media, attends Comedy Utsavam show.Flowers TV/Facebook

Remember watching the videos of two Kerala priests who garnered the attention of millions for their killer dance steps? While the energetic Fr. Christy David Pathiala shook his leg with a student for the farewell function of the commerce batch students of the institution he serves, another priest Fr. Merton D Silva, performed for a flash mob with youngsters in front of St Ambrose Church in Vypin in Ernakulam.

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The videos felt like a whiff of fresh air to many, and went viral on social media in no time, thanks to the amazing dance moves of the duo in their quintessential white robes. Recently, Fr. Christ participated in the comedy show Comedy Utsavam aired on Malayalam entertainment channel Flowers TV, and the priest's kickass dance moves have again become the topic of discussion online.

Though many praised the cleric for his talent, the latest video failed to impress a few netizens who were of the opinion that he had insulted the religion and the holy robe. "I admit that he is very talented, but felt that he shouldn't have danced wearing that sacred robe. I would also like to ask if he will do the same while performing holy mass in church," asked Sijo Daneil, a netizen.

"I am against the action of this priest, who performed dance in a reality show wearing that holy dress. Because, he is clearly insulting the religion with this," another user named Shaan commented.

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Nevertheless, a majority of the social media users appreciated the Catholic priest who is also the assistant manager of St. Albert's College in Kochi. Another priest named Abhilash Baisil commented: "I am a priest. What Fr. Christy did is absolutely right and good. Congrats dear Fr. Christy."

Neethu Calvin: I think, all priests should be like this.I am not telling everyone should dance.But, they should be reachable to people..Just like Jesus did..Hats off father

Ninu P Mathew: I think this father has learned how to practice anthropology.. We eed more spiritual leaders like this. I sincerely appreciate his perspective.

Sobin Joseph: this is the kind of heart a priest must have.... To b with one among them..... Nd b available for the young in their wavelength

So why people are making a song and dance about this Kerala priest shaking a leg in a reality show? It has to be noted that priests can attend such shows only after getting permission from their authorities; and if they are willing to encourage his talent, why are others bothered? 

Watch the latest video of the priest's dance in TV show here:

Here is the dancing video of the priest that went viral on social media:

Also watch: Fr Merton's flash mob video here: