Shashi Tharoor, Trump covfefe. kochi school principal
Kochi school principal's write-up has gone viral on social media.Twitter

"Exasperating farrago of distortions, misrepresentations and outright lies being broadcast by an unprincipled showman masquerading as a journalist." When Shashi Tharoor responded to Arnab Goswami with this tweet in May, netizens were left confused thinking what exactly the Member of Parliament meant by it. Later, US President Donald Trump also baffled millions by tweeting the word "covfefe" that made no sense as it was just a faux pas.

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Now, a school principal in Kochi, Kerala, has become an internet sensation, thanks to her write-up for the institution's journal titled Beacon. Social media users have tagged Dr. Nellie Paul Verghese, principal of Navy Children School in Kochi, as Kerala's next Tharoor as people find it difficult to understand what exactly she was trying to convey with her cryptic piece of writing.

"With the onset of a gyrating journey towards another new decade, the stakes seem to undergo further changes. The new epoch will trumpet paeans that will unleash decisive forces on the humanity at large [sic]," the note begins.

"It look like she wrote the original and told her assistant "replace all underlined words with their most complex synonyms [sic]," a netizen responded upon seeing the principal's note that has gone viral on social media. "If this is an indication of what goes inside the school journal, I pity the plight of the children [sic]," commented another.

"The paradigm shift from ingenuousness to ingenuity expounds the need to empower the present generation with inimitable veracity and virtuosity so as to keep the evil forces that garb the strides of development and progress at bay."

Meanwhile, Prasanth Nair IAS, the collector bro of Kerala, has also shared the principal's write-up as it even mentions on "the mouth filling diphthongs of the diplomats." 

"The mouth filling dipthongs of the diplomats, the abscess of terrorism and counter terrorism, the abyss in the structure of the society, the crisis on the financial front, the gawky summits to decide on environment welfare, the jeopardy already reached to the areas of education [sic]."

"I need English translation for this. Can someone help me with that?," another twitterati comments.

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Actually, I was looking for 'paradigm shift' and stopped reading when I found it. :D

NS Madhavan‏

Not to miss 'mouth filling diphthongs of diplomats'.


Wow. Speechless after reading that...


anyone please give the England translation of this