Ramesh Kumar N, Aswathy, Viral Facebook post
Ramesh Kumar N and Aswathy.Ramesh Kumar N/Facebook

Battling with cancer is not an easy task, unless one has the support of their friends and family throughout the struggle. A similar story of a woman's fight against cancer has caught the attention of netizens after her husband shared a post about how determined his wife was to fight the illness.

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For Ramesh Kumar N's wife Aswathy, whom he fondly calls Achu, one of her biggest dreams was to see the master blaster Sachin Tendulkar. After knowing about the legendary cricketer was set to visit Kochi for the Indian Super League match in 2016, she expressed her wish to be at the stadium, just to get a glimpse of her favourite cricketer. However, it was just four days before the match, Achu had undergone chemotherapy as her cancer had relapsed for the second time.

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Ramesh, who was aware of his wife's health condition, decided to take her for the match anyway, making her last wish come true. According to him, she looked beautiful and happy the day she saw Sachin, and chanted 'Sachin...Sachin'  along with thousands, forgetting all the pain she suffered.

And now with Aswathy going far away from him, Ramesh shared the touching story of his determined wife, who has set an example for many who are battling cancer. Aswathy was undergoing treatment at Regional Cancer Centre in Thiruvananthapuram, and breathed her last on April 20, 2017.

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"This is one of my favourite photos. This is a picture taken in front of Kochi international stadium with my Achu, who fought against cancer by saying: "Even if you try 10,000 times, you can only weaken my body, not my soul and spirit."

 She had expressed her wish to see Sachin Tendulkar since the moment we heard of him attending the ISL match in Kochi. But that's when her cancer relapsed for the second time, and unfortunately the chemotherapy started just four days before his arrival.

Ramesh Kumar N, Aswathy, Viral Facebook post
Ramesh Kumar N, Aswathy and their son KichuRamesh Kumar N/Facebook

The day before the match, she was upset and told me: "Now, will we be able to see Sachin? Since we knew she was in her final stage, I couldn't say that we will meet Sachin later. Instead, I asked her if she has the guts to come with me though I was completely aware of the risks that might follow. At that moment, I felt that's the right thing to do. And she replied: "We will all die one day, so I am not afraid of death. Are you willing to take me?"

I then went to meet my friends in Kochi, bought tickets for the match and arranged four friends to be with us in the stadium. We also checked the emergency exits and routes to hospital in case something happens. When I came back home, she was sure that we would be watching the match the next day. And I could see the glow in her eyes even though she was very tired. 

The next day we went to stadium with our friends, and even got the support of Kerala Police and emergency ambulance service. And then, that precious moment happened, she forgot all her pain and chanted "Blaster.. Sachin.. Sachin" with thousands of fans in the stadium. She looked most beautiful that day.

I think Achu is the only person who would have enjoyed watching the match just four days after the chemo. That's Achu, a brave woman whose determination will inspire many others. She even shocked the power of death, but left us. There would be hurdles in our life, but we need to fight till our last breath. And our life is so beautiful that we should not even waste a single second. May God bless you all."

The inspiring Facebook post of Ramesh has gone viral on social media with over 10,000 users sharing and more than 35,000 people responding to it. His account is also flooded with tremendous support from all across the world.

Here's the full Facebook post of Ramesh Kumar: