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The video of a newborn baby walking has gone viral on social media.Facebook

Most babies take their first step when they are 9 or 12 months old, but a newborn somewhere in the world has shocked the netizens for its attempt to walk soon after its birth. The toddler's video, in which it is seen walking by holding the hands of a nurse on a bed, has taken the Internet by storm for being an unbelievable sight.

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Though we are unsure about the identity of the kid as well as when and where this rare incident happened, the unusual video was shared by Arlete Arantes from Brazil, who wrote "This is amazing. A baby walks just after being born" on Facebook.

"Unbelievable - cant be true," comments a netizen. However, another person has stated that there is nothing unusual about it as it is a reflex action of the baby. "Most babies do this as a reflex. They go through varies of tests after being born to obtain the apgar score...all this is reflex big deal [sic]," reads the social media user's comment. "It's absolutely normal. They just checking the reflexes. All babies can do that at birth [sic]," says another. Another comment reads: "It's a natural reflex. Any newborn can do it if you bear weight onto their feet. It's called the step reflex [sic]."

Nevertheless, the 41-second video uploaded on May 26, 2017, has gone viral with over 71 million views in less than four days of hitting the cyber space, while over 1.6 million Facebook users have shared it on the social networking site.

Watch the viral video here: