People living in western countries are very much obsessed with threats from space that includes aliens, and asteroids that could cause doomsday on the planet. Due to the immense popularity of these concepts,

Hollywood filmmakers have made umpteen numbers of movies like Independence Day and Mars Attacks that portray alien attacks on the blue planet. However, when it comes to India, people are less bothered about these concepts, and as a result, movies portraying doomsday and alien invasion are pretty less in the Indian film industry.

Interstellar aliens
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Why Indian are not bothered about aliens?

Considering the vastness of the universe, several space experts strongly believe that aliens might be thriving somewhere in the universe. Some of them even argue that extraterrestrial aliens might have even visited the earth in the ancient days.

Even though there is no concrete evidence to prove the existence of aliens, many people living in the United Kingdom and the United States believe in extraterrestrial presence, and in order to substantiate their views, they put forward examples of UFO sightings. But why Indians are not talking much about the mysteries of the universe that has been perplexing humans for ages.

"Even though India is rich in human resources, we are still a developing country where people find it hard to find their bread and butter. As people do not have time to take care of themself, how can they think about aliens and asteroids? But personally, I do believe in extraterrestrials, and I hope disclosure will happen soon," said Sreejith, a techie in Bangalore.


However, Sanofer, an IT professional working with Samsung revealed that Indians should also broaden their horizons, and should start looking up to the skies, instead of fixing their eyes all the time on smartphones.

"The world we are living in is just a bubble, and we are aware of things that are happening within this bubble. We should understand that there is something outside this bubble, and if we try to explore that, results will be fabulous. Considering the vastness of this universe, I believe we will find aliens one day or the other, and it is just a matter of time," said Sanofer.

Krishnaraj, a law student in Government Law College Thrissur has a different opinion regarding the mindset of Indians when it comes to aliens and extraterrestrials.

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"Propagating scientific principles is one of the fundamental duty of every Indian citizen. However, India has now emerged as the land where religion is being given higher priority due to the stinking political strategies played by various power-hungry parties. As Indians try to explain the mysteries of distant planets using the concepts of astrology, which is basically a pseudoscience, their mental horizon is not broad enough to understand the possibilities of alien life thriving somewhere in the deep nooks of this universe," said Krishnaraj.

Is Alien Discovery Imminent?

In the meantime, Dr Jim Green, a chief NASA scientist had recently predicted that alien life, at least in its microbial form will be discovered on Mars within 2021. According to Green, the discovery of alien life will be revolutionary, and it will open up a whole new line of thinking.

However, he also made it clear that humanity is not prepared enough to accept the realities surrounding alien existence.