OnePlus' latest marketing stunt appears to have backfired even though it showed the 6T slightly different than it actually is for a fraction of the ad.

An ad for OnePlus 6T was posted on official social media channels and on YouTube, where the company is highlighting the different features of the phone, such as fast charging, 8GB RAM, in-display fingerprint scanner and the lauded Night Sight feature. While it is standard for a company to advertise the best features of the phone, OnePlus seems to have gone a step further to show the 6T more visually appealing than it actually is.

Sure, OnePlus 6T is one of the best premium smartphones and a great-looking phone one can buy in its range. We've reviewed the phone and it clearly packs the best of everything - display, design, battery and performance. But for some reason, OnePlus thought it'd be cool to show a completely bezel-less 6T in the ad, even if it meant for a few seconds.

The ad, which lasts a minute, shows the 6T with a chin that's a lot slimmer than the one of the original phone. Also, the bezels around the notch appear to have been trimmed to make the phone visually appealing - after all the new trend is heading towards a truly bezel-less display.

OnePlus 6T Thunder Purple Review
OnePlus 6T displayIBTimes India/Sami Khan

In OnePlus' defense, the climax of the ad shows the 6T in its actual form, just like the one seen on the company's official website and in reality. But why go to such lengths to promote a smartphone that has already been well-received by critics and consumers alike? Well, one possible reason could be that the company wanted to show the large-screen gaming experience rather than slimmer bezels on the phone.

Whatever the reason, OnePlus' latest stunt didn't sit well with many people, who criticized the brand heavily. The video ad has crossed 1.6 million views on YouTube already.

To recall, OnePlus had pulled a similar stunt back in July to promote its red variant of the OnePlus 6 smartphone. The bezels were trimmed to show it as a bezel-less phone, but that wasn't the case. Like the last time, this little stunt was completely unnecessary and easily avoidable. OnePlus 6T is the last phone to be beauty-conscious. Watch the ad below and look for that criticisable moment at 0:43 seconds.