When we talk about Kangana Ranaut and her former relationship,  its only Hrithik Roshan, Aditya Pancholi and Adhyayan Suman's names that majorly pop up but very few people know that Kangana was once in a relationship with a British boyfriend Nicholas Lafferty.

 Nicholas Lafferty is a doctor by profession and was spotted with Kangana roaming around in the city when he visited India to meet Kangana.  In fact, during that trip, Nick, her boyfriend of more than a year, was spotted with her at several public places in Mumbai. At that time, friends of the actress had told TOI that the duo is in a "committed space" and that's why they've become comfortable being spotted in the open together.

Kangana Ranaut with Nickolas Lafferty
Kangana Ranaut with Nickolas Lafferty

However, according to a TOI report, the couple parted ways as they had quite different expectations from the future. Apparently, Nick wanted to take the relationship to the next level and Kangna wasn't ready, professionally and personally, to take that plunge. Says a source, "Nick wanted to get married and have babies soon. He had that immediate future in mind. However, even though Kangna's very attached to him, she is not ready for that commitment."

Kangana was only 25 years old back then, a close source to the actress had revealed,  "She is very focussed on her career right now, so, she felt it was too soon for marriage."

Kangana's take on marriage

In an interview with Bombay Times, the actress talked about reservations about marriage she has among others. "When you have so much going for yourself, you tend to get thoughts like... 'The world needs me, why should I belong to one person (laughs!)?' Also, with time, you can become compulsively independent in the way you live your life and operate, and the way you create your personal space. Then, marriage seems like a trap. When you are functioning better on your own, than with a partner, then, marriage doesn't make sense, right? As partners, you should function doubly better. I see that Rangoli (sister) and her husband function well with each other."

She further added how important it to be emotionally, financially and spiritually going hand-in-hand with your partner. She said that if people are doing doubly well together in these aspects, then she is open to marriage.