It's Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt, Declares WWE Fans on Twitter
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Ever since Bray Wyatt took on the persona of a dark, sinister character, many people have regarded him as the person who will succeed The Undertaker as WWE's character from the dark side. The Wrestlemania 31 match between the two men was supposed to be a passing of the torch of some sort.

Since that match, which Wyatt lost, WWE has continued to make his character a more intimidating one and has provided him associates that look dangerous. However, the push has been half-hearted. While he is shown to intimidate his opponents with all sorts of antics and mysterious effects of sound and light, he wasn't getting put over by any senior wrestlers.

However now, the WWE has amped up its efforts by giving his persona an even more haunting look. 'The Fiend,' as he is being called now, is currently wearing a scary-looking mask and is making quite an impression with this new look.

However, any suggestion that Wyatt is now ready to become the new face of morbidity in WWE has to be taken with a great deal of scepticism. Let us not forget that Undertaker's aura is not merely due to special effects and good scriptwriting.

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WWE has been promoting Wyat by giving him sidekicks like Braun StrowmanJamie McCarthy/Getty

The Deadman, or Mark Calaway, as his real name is, happens to be one of the greatest professional wrestlers and in-ring performers of all time. His whole persona inspires a feeling of awe. As his recent interviews have shown, apart from his great physical stature and incredible athletic abilities, he also possessed a very sharp wrestling mind which allowed him to construct highly memorable matches.

Even when Calaway had to give up his near-supernatural character and replace it with a cool biker look in 2000, he remained one of the most popular and admirable characters in the business. It is on the solid basis of his overall in-ring ability that the immortal persona of The Undertaker was built.

Bray Wyatt, on the other hand, doesn't have either the skills or the athletic ability of his opponent from Wrestlemania 31. He does have a couple of impressive moves, but cannot match the in-ring prowess of The Phenom.

As a result, the ghastliness of Wyatt's character is entirely dependent on the special effects engineered by WWE. Just look at his match at Wrestlemania 33 against Randy Orton. It was just another contest without any special moments except for the weird graphics that were made to appear on the ring mat.

So, The Fiend is certainly and impressive character in the current scenario of WWE. But, The Undertaker is a once in a lifetime phenomenon. There is unlikely to be anyone like him again.