A Chinese security standing guard at Beijing.Reuters

Sarah McIver, the third Canadian detained in China for illegal employment, is a teacher from Alberta. McIver was teaching in a school in China when she was detained by the authorities as her family, along with the Canadian government, are scrambling to organize her safe return back home.

This is not the first teaching stint that McIver has had in the far-east. She previously spent a good amount of time in South Korea and Malaysia.

Sarah is described as a 'cheerful' and 'bubbly' girl by her friends and family, according to the National Post.

The report states that one person has predicted her return by New Year's. However, officials at Global Affairs Canada have not confirmed her exact date of return.

Sarah McIver
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The relationship between Canada and China has been deteriorating since the beginning of this month when Canada arrested Meng Wanzhou, CFO of Huawei Technologies. They did this under the behest of the United States who had requested the extradition of Wanzhou. However, she was later released on bail.

China called this move as kidnapping and retaliated by arresting three Canadian citizens, Sarah McIver being the third and most recent one. The other two arrests were Canadian entrepreneur Michael Spavor and former Canadian diplomat Michael Kovrig. They were arrested for 'endangering China's national security', reports South China Morning Post.