Bhavya Shah
Bhavya Shah is set to become a Jain monk.ANI

A 12-year-old boy from the west Indian state of Gujarat has decided to become a Jain monk. Choosing, the path of monkhood would mean that the young boy, named Bhavya Shah would have to renounce all worldly pleasures and attachments, including his family.

Who is Bhavya Shah?

The 12-year-old, who lives in Surat is the son of a diamond merchant. The child is ready to give up all attachments as he feels that leading a family life is sinful.

"Family life is full of sins at every step. I have decided to become a monk so that I can keep myself away from sins of this material world. This is my own decision," said the young boy while adding that he is "happy to take the path of truth shown by God".

"I am deserting my mother and father as they taught me that this is the true path. My father and mother would also come on this path one day in future," the boy added.

In fact, Bhavya's family has welcomed his decision and are in a celebratory mood.

"Our family is extremely happy as Bhavya will take diksha," the youngster's father Dipesh Shah told ANI.

Bhavya is not the only kid in the Shah family who has taken diksha, a ritual of renunciation. "Four years back, my daughter also did the same at the age of 12," said Dipesh.

He will join the order of the Jain monks in Surat Thursday at a ceremony that will be attended by around 500 Jain monks and 7,000 people.