White Princess
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Starz's The White Princess is finally saddling up on the war drama. The previous episode watched an epic war in making between the Yorks and Turdos. It now seems that Lizzie will be pulled by her blood and her responsibility.

Taking the Turdos side, Lizzie has finally accepted her fate and is leaving behind her blood relations with the Yorks. However, her mother, Elizabeth doesn't seem to understand that. Which is why, she has been relentlessly attacking King Henry and trying her best to bring down the Turdos.

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But this will not go unnoticed by Lizzie. Taking things under her control, the newly claimed Queen will confront her mother. According to the synopsis provided by Starz, viewers prepare to watch Lizzie dealing with her mother's defiant defense of the York cause.

But that is not all, the episode will bring in a new twist that will affect not only Lizzie but also King Henry. It is revealed that a boy could cause chaos in Henry's life. A boy in Burgundy will make an entry into the show claiming to be a young prince. His threat could destabilize King Henry's rule. The boy could be none other than Lizzie's long lost brother, or at least pretends to be.

According to TV Line, the boy's role will be played by Patrick Gibson (who also appears in Netflix's The OA and Guerilla), who makes his debut as the pretender. Ask him if The Boy and Henry comes face-to-face, Gibson shares, "That's in Henry's court. For The Boy, that's his moment to show his power and how relaxed he is and how ready he is for that moment. For The Boy, it's kind of all part of his plan to come face to face with Henry. He needs to do that to show he is who he says he is... That moment is really significant to his cause."

So are you ready to watch the Boy's impact on the show. Here's where and how you can watch The White Princess's fifth episode:

When: May 14

Where: Starz

Air time: 8 PM EST

Where to watch/live stream online: Starz