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The previous episode of The White Princess was one rollercoaster ride. The episode rushed to its end to reveal more details about the political drama. The third episode of the Starz show previewed a possible love story between Henry and Lizzie as she gave birth to the next king, Arthur. Though keeping it subtle, the couple did spend the night sleeping in peace as the episode built to its climax as the two grew closer.

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But the highlight of the episode was the unforgettable birth scene. As gross as it could look, Jodie Comer aka Lizzie told TV Line that it was something tough to do since she has no child of her own yet. "I could only imagine how horrific labor is, but to have a baby in those times. We shot that scene for so long. I felt like I had a really out of body experience while shooting that scene, and I don't know if it's because I had a lack of oxygen because of the panting and the breathing. It was intense," she expressed.

But the new episode reportedly has some bad news for Lizzie as she uncovers a threat closer to home. According to the official synopsis shared by Starz, Lizzie will learn something that could cause another threat to her life.

She will learn that the threat looms around her and the new born. This threat could be caused by someone close to home. Could it be Elizabeth? Talking about the new episode, the Starz actress revealed, "She loves her mother, but she starts hearing things and she starts seeing signs that her mother is not being totally honest with her." Is she hinting that her mother could indeed attack Lizzie?

Once again, Lizzie will be seen fighting her battle alone as King Henry will be far away from his queen. Fighting another battle, King Henry will be seen swinging his sword to protect his reign at the battlefield.

Set aside the battles, the show will also see another political yarn spinning off. The York princess will strategically be married off to strengthen the Tudor cause. How will this impact Henry and Lizzie and the Tudors? We'll have to watch the new episode of The White Princess this week to get all our answers.

Here's when and where you can watch The White Princess Episode 4:

When: May 7

Where: Starz

Air time: 8 PM EST

Where to watch/live stream online: Starz