The White House – the office of the President of United States - has unfollowed Indian President Ram Nath Kovind, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Prime Minister's Office on Twitter just three weeks after following them on the social media platform. Apart from PM Modi, PMO and President Kovid, the White House has also the Indian Embassy in Washington and the US Embassy in New Delhi.

White House Unfollows PM Modi on Twitter
The White House now only follows 13 people on Twitter and the Indian handles it had started following around three week ago are not in the list.Twitter

Just around the time when US President Donald Trump issued an open threat to India over the delivery of hydroxychloroquine, it was reported widely and boasted by several BJP leaders that the Indian prime minister was the only non-American being followed by the official Twitter handle of the White House. At that time, White House followed 19 people, including PM Modi, President Kovind, Indian Embassy in the US. Some BJP leaders called it a "Modi magic".

"White House follows PM Narendra Modi, PMO & President Ram Nath Kovind on Twitter. Good to know that these are the only three non-American accounts followed by the White House," Preet Gandhi, IT Cell National Incharge of BJP Mahila Morcha had written on Twitter. "Modi Magic!!" she had added.

However, the official Twitter handle of the White House, which has over 22 million followers, now only follows 13 people and the Indian leaders are not on the list. Now people are asking whether the US institution had followed PM Modi and few other Indian handles just to ensure goodwill among Indians since New Delhi's move to supply hydroxychloroquine was met with criticism back home.

Trump threatened and India relented?

India had restricted exports of 26 pharmaceutical ingredients and the medicines made from them to mee the domestic demand in the wake of coronavirus pandemic. However,  US President Donald Trump demanded India to supply the medicines and threatened "retaliation" if it declined.

Hours after Trump's threat, the Government of India came out with a statement that they will supply Hydroxychloroquine to countries affected by the coronavirus. The medicine will also be supplied to all the neighbouring countries battling the coronavirus pandemic.