While, Aamir Khan has been under fire for his recent comment on "rising intolerance" in India, Shah Rukh Khan of late has claimed he never said India was intolerant.

Much like Aamir, Shah Rukh too triggered controversy a few days ago for his comment on the issue.

In an interview, SRK spoke about how "religious intolerance" is pushing India backwards and also supported the litterateurs' protest, saying he was ready to return his National Award if required.

The comment was followed by series of anti-SRK reactions, and some right-wing leaders even called the superstar "Pakistani agent" and "anti-Indian".

Nevertheless, Shah Rukh in a recent interview claimed he did not say India was intolerant, adding that his words are often misconstrued.

"I never said India is intolerant. When I was asked about it, I said I would not like talking about it, but when they insisted, I had just said the youth should concentrate on making this a secular, progressive country. It is just that people like to believe what they want to believe. Misconstruing my words might or might not suit a particular political agenda, but I am annoyed because I didn't mean what is being portrayed," Mid-Day quoted Shah Rukh as saying.

The superstar further said he has stopped hosting shows as many people would misunderstand his way of thinking and sense of humour.

"I must say I love talking. My experience in life has been such that I can give away certain nice things. But then you can't expect everyone to understand your way of thinking or even your sense of humour. That is the reason why I stopped hosting shows. I was offending too many people. One truism in this industry is that you can't please everyone all the time," he said.