The K2
Choi Yoo-jin to team up with Go An-na to save Kim Je-ha?Youtube/Screenshot

The K2 returns with another intense episode this Friday, October 28, at 8pm KST on tvN. The sequel will continue to focus on the various challenges faced by Kim Je-ha and Go An-na.

In episode 10, the two protagonists admitted their feelings for each other. But their blossoming romance might distract them from their real mission in the upcoming episode of Korean political thriller.

In the official trailer for the new episode, the illegitimate daughter of Jang Se-joon is seen sitting on the rooftop with her bodyguard cuddling under the blanket. When the male lead asks his lover if they can settle down in Spain, she happily agrees. But his expressionless face indicates that they might not make up to that mainly because of Choi Yoo-jin and Park Gwan-soo.

The promo hints that the two political rivals will be greatly wounded by the presidential candidate and his team. While the clip shows the former mercenary soldier attacking Kim Kap-soo's character, it also focuses on an unexpected move by Jo Sung-ha's character. The clip shows him slapping his wife in anger.

Since the revenge of Song Yun-ah's character will be sharper than a two edged sword, she is likely to return with a new plan. She might even take the help of representative Park to knock down her enemies.

Click here to watch The K2 episode 11 for more information on the skilled mercenary of JSS Special Force and the illegitimate daughter of Jo Sung-ha's character. The sequel will also be available online on the official You Tube Channel of tvN.

Watch the official trailer below: