india bans chinese apps
The list of apps banned by the central government includes PUBG, which is extremely popular.

PUBG Mobile ban came out of nowhere. Millions of players were surprised, shocked and in dismay when their favorite mobile game's fate was sealed in India. But the Indian government's decision was a matter of the country's sovereignty and integrity, which many understood. But even after the decision, players are at ease that they can still play the game even after Google Play Store and Apple App Store removed PUBG Mobile.

But the bigger question many PUBG players are left wondering is when will PUBG Mobile stop working in India. Well, new users cannot install the game on their smartphones, but those who already have the game still get to play a few more matches.

PUBG Mobile working after ban

PUBG mobile.

If you are excited about PUBG Mobile still working despite being banned in India, don't be so sure. The reason PUBG Mobile is still working for players who already have it on their phone is because the servers are still active. Once the government blocks the servers, you will no longer be able to play the game. But this suspense can be intimidating as any moment now the servers will be blocked and PUBG Mobile will be completely banned.

Now, there are other ways to play the game despite the ban, which is by using a VPN. However, the legal way is to pay for PUBG - the PC version - costs around Rs 1,000 and a high-end PC or a laptop designed for high graphics gaming.