Like any other industry, the South Korean entertainment industry has had its fair share of scandals. One such scandal of note is when Clara filed a lawsuit to nullify her exclusive contract with Polaris Entertainment, accusing the CEO of sexual harassment.

Apparently, this scandal escalated into one of the most lengthy and divisive fights in the Korean entertainment industry.

Clara Lee
Clara LeeInstagram

Fans were constantly oscillating between supporting Clara and then supporting the CEO. The fight didn't seem to be slowing down, instead, the accusations and counter-accusations were escalating.

Reportedly, after Clara filed her lawsuit, the CEO accused Clara of blackmailing him. The two entered a long battle — both courtroom and media.

The scandal apparently included, "leaked" text messages, claims of a phone allegedly dropped in water, additional accusations of blackmail, and more.

Clara Lee
Clara Lee

During the lawsuit and the subsequent scandal that followed, Clara had to face a lot of criticism.

The star was criticised for a number of things like having plastic surgery and lying about her age.

However, Clara somehow found vindication when she was found to be innocent of the blackmail charges.

Clara reportedly reached a settlement with Polaris entertainment regarding the termination of her contract.