Sana Khan
Sana Khan in men's underwear advertisement

Advertisements have always been a sure-shot way of reaching the target audience. A good advertisement makes the proper and a not-so-good one has the capacity to completely break it. Sana Khan'd advertisement featuring a men's underwear brand fell into the latter category. Though Sana did get noticed for the advertisement, but certainly not in a right way.

The plot

The ad had newcomer Sana Khan, dressed as a new bride with mehendi and big bindi, walking down the steps in a saree, her head covered with her pallu with several clothes to wash alongside a river. While other women looked at her, she took out her 'husband's underwear and started washing it in a very sexual way. The ladies watched her scandalised. The tagline of the underwear brand was 'Ye To Bada Toing Hai'. The advertisement received a lot of flak from all sections of the society. But Sana did make heads turn and received several offers soon after.

Sana Khan, Melvin Louis
Sana Khan, Melvin LouisInstagram

Sana - Melvin break-up

Apart from this, Sana has continued to make news for various reasons all these years. The diva, was recently in news for breaking-up with celebrity choreographer Melvin Louis and and accusing him of cheating on her.

In an interview, Sana Khan had said, "This man hit me. I have these pictures of him hitting me, of my broken head and there are bruises on my face and I have still not posted those pictures. This guy was abusive, domestic violence was there and he's beaten me up. I was crying at that point of time. I got to know and I was like, 'I am gonna show the world who you are' and that's when he started recording."

In his response, Melvin said, "I think the cheating allegations are baseless, no incident of that sort has happened. I don't understand why am I stuck in this thing because when I first read about this in the paper I was shocked. People told me to respond to it and I said no, had I cheated, it would have been with someone right? In that case, that other person should have said those things. I was shocked when I got to know that not 1, 2, or 3 but 5-6 names were out, so I think this is very unfair. It is easy to put allegations on someone."