Shilpa Shirodkar, Sachin Tendulkar, Anjali

News of a cricketer dating an actress has always fascinated one and all. In a country that is obsessed with entertainment and cricket, the news of the two coming together always grabs the limelight. One such news was that of an affair between ace cricketer Sachin Tendulkar and talented actress Shilpa Shirodkar.

Rumours of the two being close to each other and being more than 'just good friends' kept making headlines. The fact that both of them were from Maharashtrian families with similar value systems and cultures; further propelled the rumours. While Sachin categorically denied this association and even said that the two have never met, Shilpa never went publically to accept or deny it.

In an interview with India Today, Sachin Tendulkar had opened up about the news of his affair and the stupidest thing he has ever read about himself, Sachin said, "That Shilpa Shirodkar and I were having an affair. Because we don't even know each other at all."

'Anjali had no clue about Sachin being a player'

However, soon Sachin sealed the lips of everyone with his marriage with Anjali. Sachin and Anjali met each other for the first time at the Mumbai International airport. While Sachin was coming back with the team after having played a match, Anjali was there to pick up her mother. The duo fell-in-love at first sight. However, what's fascinating that Anjali was impressed by Sachin's personality and didn't know anything about him. Despite the fact that Sachin had made a name for himself by then and established his career, Anjali had no clue about him being a player. In an interview, Anjali had said, "I think what he liked about me was that I knew nothing about cricket when I first met him. I didn't even know who Sachin was."

Their dates were no less than filmy either. To avoid public gaze, Sachin used to disguise himself everytime they used to go out. Sachin had even put on a fake beard when they had gone to watch the movie, Roja.

Anjali and Sachin spoke at length about their affair during the launch of Sachin's autobiography. Anjali revealed that she used to write him letters to avoid huge phone bills. Anjali had gone to Sachin's huge disguised as a journalist when she first met his parents. And when the couple decided to get married, it was Anjali, who broke the news to both the families.