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Two things are predominant in almost every Indian household – entertainment and cricket. What if they come together? A collaboration like this makes for some spicy, hot-shot news fuelled by rumours. Time and again we have seen Bollywood beauties falling in love with cricketing legends and vice versa. However, not all such relationships result in a marriage or even come to the forefront. Let's take a look at some hidden affairs of Bollywood actresses and Indian cricketers.

Kim Sharma–Yuvraj Singh: Though the duo decided to keep the relationship under wraps, the bitter break-up led to the outside world knowing all about it. Reports suggested that Kim Sharma had become quite abusive and possessive which led to their breakup. As per a TOI report, it was Yuvi's mom who didn't give her go-ahead to the couple.

Isha Sharvani—Zaheer Khan: Known as one of the most beautiful faces in the Indian film industry, Isha Sharvani reportedly fell in love with cricketing sensation Zaheer Khan. Though the reason behind their separation remains unknown, they continue to be good friends to this day. Isha once said, "I am single today. Yes, we were together for many years. But it is all over between Zaheer and me now," in an interview with TOI. 

Nagma—Sourav Ganguly: Their on-again, off-again relationship went on for a quite a while before the duo finally parted ways. When they were together, the two stars seemed to have no qualms about getting clicked in public or in staying in the limelight as a couple as per a report in

Amrita Singh—Ravi Shashtri: Amrita Singh and Ravi Shashtri's relationship seemed to be a match made in heaven, but one that the two didn't believe in. Reports suggest that Ravi and Amrita were briefly engaged but called it off when they both realised that their priorities were different, reported

Deepika Padukone—MS Dhoni: Before Dhoni lost his heart to now-wife Sakshi, he was reportedly smitten by Deepika Padukone. It was reported that Dhoni asked Shah Rukh to introduce him to Deepika right after Om Shanti Om. Deepika even accompanied Dhoni to a couple of matches.

Deepika Padukone—Yuvraj Singh: Teammates on the field found competition in their love lives when Yuvraj Singh is also said to have fallen for Deepika. Reports emerged that Deepika once celebrated Yuvraj's birthday in her own home and in return, Yuvraj threw her a lavish bash on her birthday.

Preity Zinta—Yuvraj Singh: Though the duo kept denying that there was something brewing between them, onlookers and team members seemed to always have a different story to tell. The camaraderie and chemistry between the two became the talk of the town but the duo never admitted to anything.

Riya Sen—Sreesanth: The duo apparently met at a Page 3 party and were inseparable post the event. Onlookers reported that the two got along like house on fire and had eyes only for each other. Riya was even spotted at many of Sreesanth's matches. She reportedly distanced herself from the cricketer once he got embroiled in the match-fixing controversy.

Sofia Hayat—Rohit Sharma: How the two met and how exactly romance blossomed between them remains unknown to this day, but Sofia did make her breakup public in more ways than one. "He (Rohit) has this old habit to credit his partner. When I was in his life, I used to be credited but I use to cry only when he played bad. I'm happy that Rohit has finally found someone who is trying to make him move on from me," Sofia had once said in an interview with IBTimes. 

Elli Avram—Hardik Pandya: Even though it lasted only for a short while, we did find the couple cute. The two met at an event over a year back and were inseparable since then. Elli Avram was also spotted at Hardik's brother Krunal's wedding in December 2017. But last heard, the couple has moved on.