Former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MGR aka Maruthur Gopalan Ramachandran had once held a press meet in Bengaluru to offer an apology to late legendary Kannada actor Dr Rajkumar publicly.

Dr Rajkumar was a more somber actor with less melodrama in his films, when compared to the acting of late South Indian stars like MG Ramachandran, NT Rama Rao, and Sivaji Ganeshan. He had more following than any mass leader of Karnataka. But unlike his contemporaries down, he never entered politics. He always tried to look like an ordinary person dressed in a white shirt and dhoti.

Dr Rajkumar's rare and unseen pictures
Dr Rajkumar's rare and unseen picturesCollage of photos taken from social media

Most of Rajkumar were inspired by Ramayana and his roles used to more human and vulnerable like Maryada Purushotham. The values embodied by him are cherished by the middle class aspired by the lower classes. His movies inspire people to this day and his life is a lesson for many forever.

Rajkumar was not just revered by the people of Karnataka, but also commanded respects from the superstars like MG Ramachandran, NT Rama Rao and Sivaji Ganeshan from neighbouring film industries. On the occasion of his 91st birth anniversary, we bring you one incident that introduces his personality.

Dr Rajkumar at Gokak Agitation
Dr Rajkumar at Gokak AgitationFacebook

Those were the days when the population of Bengaluru was reportedly around 40-50 lakh and 35 per cent of this total belonged to Tamil speaking community. After seeing these facts, some Tamil leaders had reportedly urged the requested the Prime Minister Indira Gandhi-central government to declare Bengaluru a union territory.

Late legendary actor MGR, who was the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu at the moment, had reportedly submitted a petition urging Prime Minister Indira Gandhi for it. MGR was was so embodied in the national politics that the Prime Minister had accepted his appeal and sent two Union ministers to Bangalore to review the issue.

Late legendary actor MGR kissing Dr Rajkumar
Late legendary actor MGR kissing Dr RajkumarFacebook

The moment Dr Rajkumar came to know about this development, he had issued a statement, announcing that he would take to the streets, if the government decided to make it the Union Territory. The central government, which realised sensitive of the matter, immediately back off from its decision.

Not just that! Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MGR Raj ​​Kumar had left for Bangalore from Chennai. He reportedly invited both Kannada and Tamil media for a press meet and offered apology to Dr Rajanna in public. He had not only admitted his mistake and assured that he would never repeat such mistake. He had even said that Raj was his like his brother and had kissed him before media.