Brad Pitt, Gwyneth Paltrow
Actor Brad Pitt (L), nominee for best-supporting actor for his role as ' Jeffrey Goines' in '12 Monkeys' and his companion Gwyneth Paltrow (R) arrives at the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion in Los Angeles 25 March for the 68th annual Academy awardsKIM KULISH/AFP/Getty Images

Actor Brad Pitt once threatened Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein that he would kill him. The reason will make you happy.

During her appearance on Howard Stern Show, actress Gwyneth Paltrow revealed how her then-boyfriend Brad Pitt confronted notorious Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein after he sexually harassed her.

In the wake of Weinstein scandal, Paltrow once told The New York Times that the horndog producer invited her to his hotel suite and tried to give her a massage in the bedroom.

During her recent appearance on the radio talk show, Paltrow said that Pitt was so protective about her that after learning the details about the assault he could not hold him back. Upon spotting Weinstein at a Broadway opening of Hamlet in 2005, Pitt reportedly threatened to kill the Hollywood mogul for harassing the actress.

"If you ever make her feel uncomfortable again, I'll kill you," Pitt told Weinstein as the 45-year-old actress recalled Pitt-Weinstein showdown.

"It was like the equivalent of throwing [Weinstein] against the wall, you know, energetically," Paltrow told Stern. "It was so fantastic. What he did was he leveraged his fame and power to protect me at a time when I didn't have fame or power yet. He's the best."

Pitt is currently fighting a divorce and custody battle with estranged wife Angelina Jolie. Besides that, he is also rumoured to be dating a Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Neri Oxman.

After several accusations against the disgraced Hollywood producer came to light last year, many renowned actresses such as Paltrow, Angelina Jolie opened up. That time Paltrow mentioned about the Pitt-Weinstein showdown but did not share any further details.