WhatsApp is constantly improving its messaging platform to make communications easy. In its continued efforts to do so, the Facebook-owned instant messaging app is testing yet another feature for iPhone users that prioritises user convenience.

WhatsApp is working on several new features that are a part of beta testing, but it is also improving some of its existing features in a thoughtful manner so users can easily communicate with the app. The latest feature spotted by WABetaInfo gives iPhone users the ability to listen to audio and voice messages from notifications.

WhatsApp is yet to roll out the audio playback notification support, but the fact that it has appeared in the iOS version of WhatsApp beta suggests it will first arrive on iPhones and later on Android platform. In order to test the feature before its official rollout, beta testers can update their app to the aforementioned version. WhatsApp Business users can also get the feature in iOS version of the app.

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WhatsApp is getting another new featureKIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV/AFP/Getty Images

According to the report, not all TestFlight beta testers might get the new feature as WhatsApp is randomly enabling it to select users. The report also noted that voice message playback in the notification will likely be available if the last digit of your phone number is odd and the audio file playback will be available if your phone number ends with an even number. It could work in reverse too.

In case, beta testers haven't received the new features, they can try reinstalling the app. The last resort would be to wait for the net update and once the beta tests are over, both the features will be rolled out widely to all iPhone users.

WhatsApp is getting another new featureREUTERS

It is worth noting that the iOS platform doesn't allow for WhatsApp users to reply to the audio playbacks with a voice message. For that, users would have to open the app and respond. Additionally, listing to an audio or voice message from notifications won't send the play receipt, but it will be sent once the app is opened.

Besides this, WhatsApp for iOS has several other features in the pipeline, such as Memoji stickers. Other interesting features WhatsApp is also working on include, dark mode, a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app and "WhatsApp from Facebook" tag. The company also introduced new features like a preview for voice messages on Android before sending them out. There are other features WhatsApp is working on, but we won't know of their existence until they arrive in beta or are rolled out publicly.