WhatsApp is finally allowing its users to conduct group calls with up to 8 participants. The new feature is being rolled out to stable versions of Android and iOS after completing beta testing. By increasing the number of people in group calls - both voice and video - WhatsApp has doubled the limit from just four.

Ever since the coronavirus outbreak started and people have been under lockdown - away from friends, family, and colleagues, usage of video conferencing apps has shot through the roof. This is a natural trend at times when people are unable to meet their loved ones and companies opting for work-from-home to keep businesses running.

As a result of the lockdown, users are looking for various video conferencing apps and due to WhatsApp's limitation of four participants in group calls has forced many to use Zoom app, which allows more participants and offers many extra features that Facebook-owned messaging app lacks.

WhatsApp group calls
WhatsApp group callsWhatsApp

But Zoom's security raised many concerns after instances of "Zoombarding" in video conferences. This was a deal-breaker for privacy advocates, but Zoom has been trying to address the security lapses, which obstructed its unparalleled growth.

WhatsApp takes a jibe at Zoom's security

By increasing the group calling limit from 4 to 8, WhatsApp takes pride in the fact that it will continue to offer end-to-end security. The Facebook-owned messaging app with over 2 billion monthly active users took this opportunity to take a sly dig at Zoom's security, which lacks end-to-end encryption.

zoom app
zoom app

"The same privacy you expect from a face-to-face conversation (remember them?) now with up to 8 people. End-to-end encrypted," WhatsApp tweeted.

In order to enjoy WhatsApp's group calling with up to 8 people, users must head over to Google Play Store and Apple App Store in order to update the app. Once updated, the feature will be enabled and the process of adding new participants to a group call remains the same.