WhatsApp commands a natural dominance in the cross-platform messaging space with over 2 billion monthly users. Due to the coronavirus lockdown, people are staying indoors and working from home. The only way one can communicate with others is through video or audio calling while people are preferring the former. As a result, Zoom video-conferencing app witnessed a sudden spike in use and the recent revelations about the app being privacy risk is giving other video-calling apps an opportunity to shine.

In an attempt to seize the opportunity, the Facebook-owned messaging app might soon roll out an update that will allow WhatsApp to be more like Zoom. Since WhatsApp already boasts it has end-to-end encryption for messages and calls, by rolling out a feature that made Zoom so popular will work in its advantage.

WhatsApp group calling limit

WhatsApp group calling
WhatsApp group callingWhatsApp

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is expected to increase group calling and video calling limits soon. Currently, WhatsApp users can add only four participants in group video calls, which by today's standards isn't nearly enough.

WhatsApp is not a favorable choice for employers due to its limit on the number of participants it can allow on group video calls. If WhatsApp goes Zoom-way for this, it might be able to attract companies who conduct regular video conferences as well as users who want to talk to their friends and family together.

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When is it coming?

WhatsApp hasn't officially confirmed when and if the feature will be rolled out even if it makes perfect sense. It might be need of the hour, which is why WhatsApp is seen testing the fear v2.20.128 beta and v2.20.129 beta versions of WhatsApp for Android.

Once the testing is successful, WhatsApp might begin rolling out the new feature. You can keep an eye out on the Play Store and App Store for the update. Stay tuned.