Shashi Tharoor
Shashi TharoorShashi Tharoor

People who regularly follow Shashi Tharoor on social media would be aware of his command over English language and the way he "introduces new words and phrases" enhancing the vocabulary of netizens every time he tweets.

Kerala: Kochi school principal's 'exasperating farrago' can give Shashi Tharoor a run for his money

After the much discussed "exasperating farrago", the Member of Parliament confused his followers yet again with "new terms" while tweeting about his opinion on the controversy surrounding upcoming Bollywood film Padmavati.

"Agree totally. The #Padmavati controversy is an opportunity to focus on the conditions of Rajasthani women today ¬ just of queens six centuries ago. Rajasthan's female literacy among lowest. Education more important thang Hoog hats [sic]," Tharoor tweeted.

Thang Hoog hats? What exactly does that mean? Following Tharoor's tweet, netizens started searching for its meaning and a few asked Tharoor about it as even Google couldn't understand what it is.

The politician was, however, quick to do the damage control by clarifying that it was just a TYPO, and of course, the blame is on the dreaded autocorrect that changed "than goonhats" to thang hoong hats.

"Just realised that dreaded autocorrect has changed "than goonghats" to " thang hoong hats". Apologies. When I hit "tweet" I was still seeing the correct words I'd typed [sic]," Tharoor clarified.

However, many of his followers actually thought thang hoong hats to be a thing just because Tharoor tweeted it. Yes! Even Tharoor can be wrong at times!

"I googled the words n was trying to make sense out of them. Hoong : Boy's name meaning, origin, and popularity. Thang: non-standard spelling of thing representing Southern US pronunciation, typically used to denote a feeling or tendency," commented a netizen.