There's just a day left before The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt gets its new DLC in the form of 'Hearts of Stone'. This is basically the first-ever paid DLC for the game, and offers fans a chance to buy the Season Pass for the game. The DLC is said to be awesome and adds to the overall experience of the original game.

With the Hearts of Stone DLC for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt set for a 13 October release, here's a look at everything in the DLC that will be new.

The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone DLC – What's New

For starters, expect a bunch of new characters to grace the game, aside from bringing a few back from the previous Witcher titles. One such character will be the Man of Glass, a powerful individual who is hard to pin down and not really the one you mess with.

Another new addition to the game is Runewords. Runewords can be created by combining glyphs in a host of ways in order to unlock perks for Geralt in Hearts of Stone. However, they say it won't be easy. For instance, players will be required to solve puzzles before they can gain favours for Geralt.

Players can even experiment with perks such as damage resistance and combat abilities. You can even add certain elemental abilities to them. There's also the new NPC called the Ofrian Wizard. This guy will help you study and recognize Runewords.

Remember Gwent? Yeah, the same addictive in-game card play that kept us indulging for hours – but guess what? For Hearts of Stone, developer CDPR has decided to include real card decks in Limited Physical Editions of the DLC. This means Gwent gets uber-real. Wow!

Talking about sticking to what you do the best, fans will be thrilled to know that Geralt will have some new tricks up his sleeve as far as in-game romance is concerned. For Hearts of Stone (such irony), there will be new options for romance. Are we expecting more unique threesomes, then?

Expect new monsters to make your life a living hell. While the new expansion takes place in regions that we already know thanks to the original game, and some of the threats that go along with it, CDPR has still made a point and thrown some extra uglies into the mix.

With new monsters, players can also expect new contracts for Geralt to take up. These contracts are said to be at a higher level than what Geralt has been used to in the original game. That means players can expect to learn new spells, patterns and tricks to counter them.

Last, but certainly not the least, expect a brand new storyline to accompany you for the new DLC. Expect 10+ hours of additional story, side quests, and contracts for the new DLC. That should sum up why CDPR is charging for the expansion.

Hearts of Stone will come with its own story and, even though the events of the expansion happen in the same areas from the original game, you can still consider it as a standalone game.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's upcoming Hearts of Stone DLC is currently set for a 13 October release.

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: Twinfinite]