The logo of NaMo TV which was aired recently on various cable TV and DTH servicesTwitter

As the political atmosphere in the country is charged up with only a few days to go for Lok Sabha polls, the recently launched Hindi news service, NaMo TV being aired by various cable TV and DTH services has generated a heated debate. Here are a few pointers on NaMo TV:

1.NaMO TV is a satellite Television Channel that was launched on Sunday and is being currently viewed by millions of subscribers across the country who have access to cable TV and DTH services like Tata Sky.

2.NaMo TV has been broadcasting the real-time coverage of BJP rallies, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's speeches which have made it look like a propaganda platform ahead of the crucial Lok Sabha polls.

3.The ownership of the channel is already dubious although the channel's title is the initials of PM, Modi's name and carry his photograph as its logo. The BJP's various twitter handles as well as the Prime Minister has been actively asking the supporters to watch NamoTV.

4.Various opposition parties such as Aam Aadmi Party and Congress have raised the issue with the Election Commission of BJP airing its advertising tool at a time when the Model Code of Conduct is in place, violating the guidelines. The opposition parties rue that the BJP has illegally used its money and machinery to use a public platform for propaganda which deprives the other parties of the"level playing field."

5.The Election Commission has thereby sought the reply from Information and Broadcasting Ministry on how did it approve the telecast of NamoTV especially when the Model Code of Conduct is in place.

6.The I&B Ministry according to the Print has said that no permission was sought from any person/ company for telecasting NaMO TV which has stirred a fresh controversy on the illegal airing of this channel.

7.The DTH Service, Tata Sky has clarified that NaMo TV is not a news channel but an internet service, which doesn't need the approval of the regulatory authority. It has further said that the feed is directly being provided by BJP.