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With Business Chat, it's easy to have a conversation with a service representative, schedule an appointment or make purchases using Apple Pay in the Messages app.Apple Press Kit

American tech giant Apple has released the first iOS 11.3 public beta with all new features for iPhones and iPads to its public beta-testing group. Developers received the iOS 11.3 beta a few days after the release of the iOS 11.2.5 update.

The members of Apple's beta-testing programme will receive the iOS 11.3 beta update via an OTA (over-the-air) update, after installing the proper certificate on an iOS device. The new update brings features like the iMessage Business Chat, which allows the users to communicate with the businesses directly from the iMessage.

The feature is expected to rival similar products from competitors Facebook and Google. While Facebook has been known to let vendors or companies conduct business through its Messenger app, the search giant has Google My Business. 

Apple may have been slow off the block, but looks like it wants to capture the entire market of its devices with Business Chat.

Here are five things to know about iMessage Business Chat

  • Users can communicate directly with businesses right inside iMessage. 
  • In the initial period, the support is restricted to selected businesses like Wells Fargo, Discover, Hilton, and Lowe's. Users, for example, can buy an item directly from Lowe's using their Apple Pay within their iMessages. 
  • This new feature will not share the contact information of the user with the businesses.
  • Privacy of the user is quite secure with this feature, claims Apple. Users have the privilege to stop the conversation with business at any point of time.
  • Apple hasn't confirmed an accurate release date for iOS 11.3.
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Other new features

Anyone who desires to join the beta testing programme can sign up on Apple's official website for beta-testing. After signing up, users will get access to the iOS, macOS, and tvOS betas. It has to be noted that iOS betas are not always stable and should not be installed on a primary device.

The beta testers will also receive four new Animoji available for iPhone X. The Health app will have a new feature where users can store their medical records. Along with that, AirPlay 2 features are available on both iOS 11.3 and tvOS 11.3.

The other new features which come with the iOS 11.3 will include Apple News "For You" section that will show you the top news video of the day. The AML (Advanced Mobile Location) feature will help users share their accurate location when placing an emergency call.

Moreover, there is a new Privacy icon introduced in the iOS 11.3 that will show up whenever Apple asks you for info. Apple has not forgotten its iBook, and with this update, has removed the "i" from its name. It is now just "Book".

Apple Inc is planning to introduce more information on the health of device batteries. The update should bring more data about battery health. There will also be an option to turn off the power management feature entirely.