Modius weight loss headset
Modius weight loss headsetFacebook/Modius

The Mobile World Congress 2018 wasn't just a platform for new smartphones as several start-ups took this opportunity to showcase some emerging technologies. One of the ground-breaking technologies showcased at the Barcelona event was Modius – a wearable headset that uses hypothalamus hacking to help with effective weight loss.

Modius is based on hypothalamus hacking, one of the most effective techniques to suppress appetite and reduce weight. Using the technique of neuro-stimulation, which the makers of Modius call "Careable Technology", this wearable goes beyond tracking wearer's health and into actually helping them with weight loss.

How does Modius work?

Modius is not your traditional headset, but an advanced wearable gadget that should be worn over the head. It has two pads that sit on top of the bone area behind your ears and low-level of electrical pulses are pushed through in order to stimulate your brain. These electrical pulses sent to your vestibular nerve activate your hypothalamus and tricks the brain into thinking you are not hungry.

According to the company's official website, Modius "generates a low-level electrical pulse that is interpreted by the brain as a signal to become leaner." The headset helps in decreasing appetite and prompts the metabolism to burn more fat.

Modius weight loss headset
Modius weight loss headsetModius official website

But those who tried on the headset at the MWC 2018 said the crackling sensation and the nagging feeling is not pleasant. But the chief commercial and marketing officer at Modius, Tony Wilcox, says wearers "soon get used to it."

Modius comes with different intensity levels and pulses can be cranked up to 10 depending on people's varied threshold. The Modius team recommends a 45-minute training session each day for five days a week.

Is Modius safe & effective?

Modius is based on hypothalamus hacking, which has been around for a while now and linked to appetite suppression. According to Tech Radar, neuro-stimulation is a technique widely accepted by some reputed organizations such as NASA.

But consumers are right to raise concern since Modius is working directly on your nerves connecting to the brand. The company's founder, Dr. Jason McKeown, tested a prototype and witnessed a 44 percent reduction in body fat and also added 2kg in lean muscle mass. But it's worth mentioning that Modius is not ideal for lazy folks.

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Modius works best with positive health lifestylePixabay

Modius works best with an active and healthy lifestyle. An answer to one of the FAQs revealed that "there is no substitute for nutritious eating habits and regular physical activity. We encourage everyone to adopt a healthy attitude towards weight loss."

In real-world tests, Modius effectively worked on almost 80 percent of users in losing weight. The data was gathered by participants who "self-reported" the effectiveness of Modius, which begs the question of credibility. Modius is still popular nevertheless.

After running a successful Indiegogo campaign by getting funded more than 3,000 percent the pledged goal, the company has sold 4,000 headsets worth $2 million. It costs a $499 when it launches in April. Modius comes with free pads and wipes to last you six months, but additional ones will cost you $37 every few months.