Sushmita Sen's latest appearance at an event has left her fans and followers worried. The diva was promoting a luxury watch brand when in a gorgeous black gown. Social media couldn't stop focusing on her looks and many were left worried with her 'swollen' looking face. Many on social media related it to the heart attack and how the actress overcame and many felt it was due to something else.

Sushmita Sen
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Social media worried

"What the hell happened to her face?," asked one user. "i was also thinking about may be she's ahving any health issues," another user wrote. "She got heart attack few weeks ago, the medication can also cause swellings, she's an inspiration so these things must not matter anyway," a social media user wrote. "she got heart attack few weeks back. She is under Medication. She is a heart patient now," another social media user wrote.

Sushmita sen

Netizens react

"This also came in my mind but actually she have had a health condition lately due which her face kinda swelled," read one comment. "ohh, that's sad. Sometimes it can happen with steroid treatment, which is required for certain illnesses," came one more comment on the picture. "Sen was diagnosed with Addison's disease in 2014 and was taking steroids as part of treatment. Here's how the autoimmune condition can impact heart," one of the comments read.

Sushmita Sen recently shared her health update after suffering a cardiac arrest. "Touchwood, by God's grace. I have been eating well. I have been healing beautifully. Lots of travel... I'm figuring out how to bring 'Taali' and 'Aarya 3' to you quickly. Otherwise, the health is fine," the former Miss Universe said in an Instagram live.