Human beings have been trying to unravel the mysteries surrounding death since the day the species achieved consciousness. Even though medical experts consider death as the end of human life, spiritualists consider death as a pathway to a different realm. To substantiate this, spiritualists often put forward near-death experience (NDE) testimonials, where people have allegedly experienced weird visions. And now, one such NDE testimonial has gone viral on the online spaces, and in the testimonial, a woman named Angela claimed to have seen her father, an angel, and a powerful presence while she was on the verge of death. 

Drug overdose pulled Angela to the mouth of death

Angela apparently died for some time due to drug overuse. As she died temporarily, she apparently lost awareness of her body and reached a different realm, which she calls an entirely pleasant atmosphere. 

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"As the angel stood to my left and my father spoke to me from my right, a very large, powerful presence (God) hovered over the length of my body. When I noticed the large presence, my inner vision was changed to that of a crystal blue waterfall. The water was sparkling clear and the most beautiful blue I have ever seen. As I marveled at the sight of the water, the static sensation in my torso dissipated and was replaced with a sensation of liquid love rushing into my heart. The love was so pure and overwhelming that I immediately began to weep," wrote Angela on the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF) website

God did not speak to Angela

In the testimonial, Angela made it clear that God did not speak a single word to her, but added that she felt the warmth of eternal love. 

"I did not recall I was a mother, wife, daughter, friend. I had no recollection of life on earth. I merged into an infinite presence that utterly and completely adored me. God did not speak words to me. The love said it all. I felt as if I was an awareness, a being without a name or identity, and I was expanding to the size of the cosmos," added Angela. 

The NDE victim also revealed that the other realm where she reached during the final moments was actually her home. However, Angela revealed that God finally pulled her out of that realm, and she finally reached back to her physical body. 

The testimonial shared by Angela has made several people believe that life after death is real. However, medical experts believe that these weird visual hallucinations are due to the survival trick adopted by the brain during life-threatening events to combat the reduced supply of oxygen.