Several conspiracy theorists believe that UFO sightings are authentic evidence of alien existence. However, most of the UFO videos come from western countries like the United States, and until now, no intriguing UFO event has happened in India. But now, it seems that the drought is finally over, as an Indian couple has captured a UFO screeching across the skies in Gurgaon.

Aliens visiting the earth?

The alleged UFO incident happened at around 05.00 AM on July 20. Ashita Mishra (Name changed as per request) was shocked to see a disc-like object illuminated with lights hovering in the skies. Soon, she informed her husband Gaurav Mishra (Name changed as per request), and they filmed the event using their smartphones.

In an exclusive talk with the International Business Times, India edition, the eyewitness of the incident revealed that the UFO was disc-shaped, and also added that the object was sometimes bigger and sometimes smaller to their eyes.

UFO Gurgaon

"The object was becoming bigger in size, and later smaller. Again the object changed shape. To make things clear, the object was triangular, no no, it's not triangular, it was a diamond-shaped disc. It was a full-fledged disc. My husband, after seeing the object suddenly asked me whether it was a space ship. Then, he started recording the incident. Finally, the flying object went under the cloud," said Ashita Mishra.

Ashita also added that she is actually waiting for the clouds to go away to check whether the unknown object is still there in the skies.

Aliens or shooting stars?

Gaurav Mishra who witnessed the incident revealed that the UFO sighting was pretty weird, and added that the object did not have a trajectory, as it moved up and down.

"The thing is that it was a very shiny object, and it was moving very fast. So, you can say that it might be a morning star or nearby planet, but it moved really fast. It covered the entire spectrum which we are looking at, and that kind of movement is very strange. The object was routinely blinking. It was going up and down. It even moved across. Every now and then, it was flashing. We have seen stars twinkling, but in this case, the flashes were completely random," said Mishra.