UFO Canada
Alleged UFO spotted in the skies of CanadaET Data Base/MUFON

A mysterious picture apparently captured from the skies of Canada has now emerged as the hottest debating point among conspiracy theorists and alien enthusiasts. In the image, a classic disc-shaped UFO can be seen flying across the skies.

More details about the UFO sighting

This UFO sighting apparently happened above the skies of YOW Ottawa Airport on July 12. The person who captured the image soon shared it to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) for checking its authenticity, and they are currently investigating the incident.

"When taking a photo of the sunset clouds at YOW Ottawa Airport I observed an anomaly in my photo. I took multiple photos in a short time. The object appeared in the upper left. No other photos contained the object. Lens was checked and was found to be clean. Zoomed in on object and was surprised to find a defined shape. I am a lifelong airplane enthusiast and have never observed anything like this," said the eyewitness.

Conspiracy theorists assure alien existence

The image was later analyzed by popular UFO hunter Scott C Waring. After analyzing the image, this self-proclaimed extraterrestrial researcher assured that sightings like these are authentic proof of alien existence.

"The object was seen flying near an airport in Ottawa and is tilted so that we can see part of its bottom. The disk has a hump in its upper center, similar to classic disks, but flat on the bottom. This is further proof that UFOs take a high interest in airports since the newest technology is used to create today's jets and airliners," wrote Waring on his website ET Data Base.

In the website post, Waring also hinted that aliens are visiting the earth to monitoring human activities. Earlier, Waring had several times alleged that space agencies like NASA and the United States government are aware of alien existence, but they are covering up the facts fearing public panic.