Westworld season 2
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With its unpredictable twists and turns Westworld is keeping everyone on edge with its exceptional plot. This of course has led to a whole range of crazy fan theories that have exploded amongst the Westworld fandom. Some of them, however, are actually theories to reckon with and make us question their probability. So here's a look at the 5 most intriguing fan theories, we can pretty much relate to

1) Ford might not be as dead as we think

The season finale no doubt brought in a host of wild fan theories, majorly in anticipation of season 2 but the most relatable one questioned whether Ford is really dead. The likelihood of this theory might be high, considering the show is filled unfinished ideas and twists like never seen before.

According to some viewers the digits on Ford's watch before he took to the stage were just not right. This is important based on the perspective in the 1973 version of the film hands played a significant role in distinguishing between human and robot. With Ford's mysterious personality this wouldn't be such a big improbability.

Anthony Hopkins as Dr. Robert Ford in a still from Westworld.HBO

2) The show is placed in 2052

While there has been much speculation on the timeline of the show. Some are confused between 2052 and 3052. However, there are few evidences to suggest the former might be true. The most intriguing evidence in favour of this theory is the fact there is an actual website for the fictional 'Delos Corporation' that has security camera footage from the time Maeve tries to escape, that (believe it or not) has an actual time stamp. The time stamp confirms the year to be 2052. Which means all this is happening a mere 34 years later from present time!

3) Their exits other parks apart from Westworld

This is one of the strongest theories out there and by far the most popular. There exists numerous proofs that makes this theory a possibility. One example is when Maeve is staring at a piece of paper with her daughter's location on it. Several fans noticed that the piece of paper reads park 1, suggesting the existence of other parks. In addition the original 1973 movie suggests on numerous occasions that more parks apart from Westworld exist. Another idea that propounds this theory is the fact that in the season finale Maeve and her pawns stumble across samurais from japan. Something to think about isn't it?

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4) The show is directly linked to the 1973 movie

While there are numerous link up theories to the earlier movie, this seems to be the most sensational. The theory is based on the idea that on various occasions the employees are talking about some 'incident' that happened approximately 30 years ago. It is therefore suggested it might be from Michael Crichton's movie where an infectious disease spreads through the park making the robots act out and behave unreliably. The evidence to support this theory? Well Ford's office is in the rundown part of the park suggesting that he still works, out of the old park. Also the cold storage area in the first episode looks fishy and doesn't look it was made originally for that purpose. Possible? Likely.

5) Westworld takes place on another planet

The basis on which this theory stands is the idea that the park covers a mammoth expanse of land that simply is not possible on earth. Also a more concrete stand to this theory lies in the fact that the free-standing structure found in the entrance to the park's cold storage. On a sphere that has the Delos logo the continents don't look nothing like planet earth.

With some of the biggest theories in existence, anything seems likely in the Wild West. Also, the fact that Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy are incredible creators (and sometimes devious) might still want to mess with us. Only one way to find out and that is to watch the series.

Westworld Seasons 1 & 2 air in India back-to-back on Star World from Monday to Friday at 9 pm.