Werewolf [Representative image]Creative Commons

Scott Carpenter, an amateur researcher who studies about mythical creatures like Bigfoot and werewolf, has apparently captured the video of a giant beast possibly a werewolf, in the woods of Tennessee.

The clip which was initially uploaded by Carpenter on his YouTube channel gained publicity when it was shared by conspiracy theory channel Nv TV.

The eerie video shows a mysterious animal which stands on its back legs, and at the first glance, it seemingly measured more than 6 feet and 5 inches tall. As per Carpenter, he became frightened after seeing the beast, and he quickly captured the sighting on his smartphone.

Carpenter claims that the animal he spotted is nothing other than the mythical creature named 'Dogman' depicted in local folklore. As per folklore popular in the area, the dogman is a 7 feet tall, blue-eyed canine-like animal with the torso of a man who howls like a fox.

The first accounted sighting of dogman happened in 1887, and since now, many local residents have claimed that they have seen this mythical creature. However, no solid proofs have been obtained so far to substantiate the existence of this mysterious animal.

As the video of the eerie sighting went viral, viewers were quick to speculate what it could be spotted in the video. Most of the viewers argued that the strange animal might be a werewolf.

"You really should have brought something bigger than a sidearm dogman is a very aggressive beast that is about as strong as a Bigfoot and agiler. He is most likely still somewhere in the area," commented Catherine Coburn, a YouTube user.

"My encounter was in June of 86' and I was able to see all of him. He was the same colour and his face and head were that of a wolf. There was no mistake. Almost 8 ft. tall and I was 30 plus feet up in a tree hammock sleeping harness that I had made for camping in Grizzly country. I remained hidden and unseen, thank God. I watched him sniff around my campfire and bags but he just didn't look up and behind himself," commented Frank Pitts, another YouTuber.

However, sceptics argue that the mysterious animal in the video might be an ape or beer, and makes it clear that there is nothing strange in the clip.