Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger
Wenger initially found a lot of success at ArsenalReuters

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger insists that he wants to "leave the club in a strong and healthy position" so that the next manager at the Emirates will be in a "very good position to deliver something exceptional."

The 65-year-old Frenchman, who took charge at Arsenal in 1996, had a lot of success at the North London club initially, winning many trophies including three Premier League titles and four FA Cups.

However, after managing to win only one major trophy since 2005, Wenger has come under heavy criticism from his own fans.

Things have been looking a lot better for Arsenal of late as their finances have improved and they been able to invest on quality players.

And the Frenchman, who managed to win the FA Cup last season, insists that his aim is to leave the club in a stronger position so it will be easier for his successor to do well.

"I want to leave the club in a strong and healthy position and that means with good players, with good youth behind and a strong financial position to go further up and develop more. I will do that, you can believe me," Wenger told BBC in an interview with former Arsenal player Martin Keown.

"The guy that comes in after me will be in a very good position to deliver something exceptional. I believe that the biggest quality at a top, top club is to maintain consistency in the results and I hope that when I've left someday and come back to the Emirates to watch a game, I will be very happy to see a quality team."

Despite claiming that he had numerous chances to leave Arsenal, Wenger says he was satisfied with his life at the North London club though they have financial problems due to them building a new stadium.

"In 2004, 2005 and 2006 I had chances to leave, but I went with the club to have the challenge of building the new stadium and not dropping out of the Champions League three years out of five," he said. "That was the financial request and we did it [qualified] every year."

"I knew it was a very sensitive period for the club, but I feel I've done my job in a very committed and faithful way."