Picture for representation of healthy breakfast.Creative commons

We all suffer from unbearable hunger pangs in the morning, which often prompts us to grab anything from our fridge for breakfast. Literally anything.

However, breakfast should not be taken for granted. Being the most important meal of the day, it should be balanced and taken within 2 hours of waking. A good breakfast provides the much-needed energy after an overnight fast and can keep us running throughout the day by kick-starting our metabolism.

People, who are aiming to lose weight, might find it difficult to find healthy breakfast options. However, little do we know some super healthy breakfast options are readily available in our kitchen and don't even take much time to prepare.

Here are some great breakfast ideas you should try if you are trying to keep the calories at bay.

Eggs and yogurts are good options for the first meal of the day as they are high in protein and low in fat. Yogurt also provides you with calcium – essential for bone and teeth health.

If you want to up your healthy eating game further, it is better to opt for Greek-style yogurt, which has no added sugar. A bowl of fruits with high protein yogurt and nuts is all you need in the morning.

Eggs, on the other hand, can be consumed in a variety of ways. Be it hard boiled or poached, eggs are always delicious. Adding some vegetable and tossing eggs into an omelet makes for a very delicious breakfast option.

If you are someone who doesn't need to rush to the office and have some time in the morning, you can experiment with your breakfast. You can make a wholegrain wrap filled with smoked salmon, lean turkey or ham or cottage cheese and have it with salad. This dish is high in protein and also provides you with the needed amount of carb and fiber.

Protein smoothies can also be a good option. Add some fruit and vegetables to your blender along with milk and blend it until it becomes a smooth mixture. You can also add protein powder and Greek yogurt to make it a super healthy breakfast.