On the Way to the Airport
Kim Ha-neul and Lee Sang-yoon during the press meet of On the Way to the Airport .Facebook/KBS World

On The Way To The Airport episode 13 could feature Song Mi-jin's resignation, Kim Hye-won's demise, Choi Soo-ah and Park Jin-seok's divorce as well as Seo Do-woo's next move to impress the veteran flight attendant.

The period drama wrapped its 12th episode by featuring a reunion of the onscreen couple. In the sequel, the female lead finally made up her mind and even did a final check on her decision before calling the university lecturer for a long drive.

Since the show is just half away through and six more episodes are left for the finale, the viewers cannot expect to watch a happy ending for the two protagonists in episode 13. The sequel is likely to bring in new challenges for them while focussing on the impact of the relationship on their loved ones.

Additionally, the sequel will also follow the two characters, Mi-jin and Hye-won, who are currently feeling guilty for their wrong doings. Choi Yeo-jin's character might resign from the job to avoid her former lover and her best friend's husband. Whereas, Do-woo's wife could take some crucial decision in her life.

Since many of the secrets about Annie Seo a.k.a Seo Eun-woo have been revealed, the upcoming episode might mark the end of Jang Hee-jin's character. The sequel will probably feature her death and the impact of it on her husband and Min-seok a.k.a uncle suk.

Meanwhile, Shin Sung-rok's character and his wife might decide to part ways, which could make their daughter Hyo-eun happy forever. But Soo-ah's brother Je-ah and mother-in-law Kim Young-sook might not support their decision.

However, KBS is yet to release an official trailer for the next episode. So, the fans of the Korean mini-series will have to wait a little longer to find out what lies ahead for Kevin Oh and other the airline staffs.