Gal Gadot's DCEU movie Wonder Woman 1984 was finally released in theatres last week and simultaneously on the streaming platform HBO Max. The sequel to the blockbuster classic movie is directed by Patty Jenkins and stars Gal Gadot as Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman. Now, there is a way you can watch Wonder Woman 1984 online on Christmas for no extra charge.

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In case you are wondering how you can stream Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman 1984 at the comfort of your home, then the first thing that you need is a monthly or yearly subscription to the streaming platform, HBO Max. That being said, there are chances that one might already have an HBO Max connection without subscribing to it.

Watch Wonder Woman 1984 for free:

If you or any relative of yours, who is currently living in the United States, then there is a way to stream Wonder Woman 1984 for free.

If you are already subscribed to HBO via your satellite provider, there are chances that you might also be getting HBO Max without paying anything extra for it. It means that several HBO Max exclusives, like Wonder Woman 1984, The Matrix 4, Dune, and other films that are releasing in 2021, can be streamed on it, reports CNET.

This way, you are not paying for the HBO Max subscription and can enjoy the classic movies for free. But there's a problem with this way -- one cannot watch HBO Max using the cable box as it will require a smart TV where you can use the HBO Max application and your home internet connection.

In case you are living in the United States and did not subscribe to HBO as part of your cable bill then you will have to pay $15 per month if you wish to enjoy HBO Max's exclusive content.

Wonder Woman 1984 sequel:

As mentioned in our Wonder Woman 1984 exclusive review, Gal Gadot's latest superhero movie follows the events leading up to the Cold War between the United States and Russia.

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Other than Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman 1984 stars Chris Pine as Diana's love interest, Pedro Pascal as Maxwell Lord, Kristen Wigg as Barabara Minerva, aka Cheetah.

Following the success of Wonder Woman 1984, there is a possibility that we will see a third film featuring these characters. In one of earlier interviews, Gadot stated that she wants the third film in the series to take place in the present, and not in the past like the first two features.