woman in wheelchair falls off dock

A wheelchair-bound woman was rescued in a dramatic fashion after she fell off the dock into the ocean at St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. She was rescued by Kashief Hamilton and Randolph Donovan, who were working as entertainers for visitors to the island.

The incident occurred when the woman was on the Carnival Fascination cruise ship along with her family. She was being escorted to the ship by a family member when she fell off the dock. However, she was not injured, reports India Today.

In the video that went viral, Randolph and Kashief were in the ocean, helping the woman who was sinking. Hamilton tied a rope around Randolph and the woman so they could be pulled up. The two of them were pulled up by helpers on the dock and were safe.

Talking to NBC News, Randolph said that he did not think when he saw the woman falling off and jumped off the dock to save her.

"I jumped straight in the water from the top level of the dock. I removed her from the wheelchair because I didn't want the wheelchair to sink with her on it."

He explained that he began to feel tired holding the woman and told his friend, Kashief, that he would not be able to hold any longer.

Kashief continued the story saying, "I jumped in the water and I swam to them (the woman and Randolph). He went from trying to rescue her, and now he's trying to survive. I can't lose my friend, so I jumped in."